N.N. Light’s Book Heaven: 5+/5 Stars – “What an incredible adventure this book is! The story of Carissa is fraught with emotion, drama, suspense, intrigue, mystery, danger, and fun. Part a little girl, part super-girl for the work she can do and part Lara Croft – this girl is a heroine every reader can root for! This book is a great book for kids and adults alike. My Rating: 5+ stars”

Barbara Mojica, Best Selling Author:  5/5 Stars – “The author has succeeded in creating charming, authentic characters that fit well into Tombstone’s Wild West mining town in 1880…Highly recommended read for young adults and adults who are interested in western history, strong female characters, and interesting characters”. 

A. L. Peevey for Readers’ Favorite: 5/5 Stars – “The story in Blood and Silver by Vali Benson has been meticulously researched, so the frontier town of Tombstone comes to life. We receive an entertaining story set in a historical, legendary place without leaving the comfort of home”.

Barnes & 5/5 Stars – “A great story that historical fiction readers and fans of the Old West will love”.

Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite: 5/5 Stars – “Blood and Silver by Vali Benson is entertaining and heartbreaking. This is the kind of young adult fiction that needs to become more popular. This was an incredible story”. 5/5 Stars – “The one thing I absolutely adored about this book was that it brushes upon themes which are rarely written about in Young adult novels…Highly recommend”.

K.C. Finn, multi-award winning author ( : 5/5 Stars – “Author Vali Benson has created an accessible and updated take on the western genre which can be enjoyed by young adult readers and nostalgic adults alike. Overall, I would definitely recommend Blood and Silver as an enthralling historical read”.

R.C. Gibson for Indies Today: 5/5 Stars – “Blood and Silver is an absolute treasure, packed with a wealth of inspiring characters!”

Gina Rae Mitchell for Gina Reviews: 5/5 Stars – “Blood and Silver by Vali Benson is a remarkable historical fiction story. I could not put it down! Benson’s ability to grasp the heart of her readers is exceptional. I was desperate to know what would happen next…I give it my highest recommendation”.

Stuart Rosebrook for True West Magazine: – “Benson’s debut novel, set in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, is a fast paced mystery adventure”.

Whispering Stories Book Reviews: “It might only be a short read at 142 pages but it is so worth it. It is beautifully written, tore at my emotions, and had me engrossed from the first page”. 5/5 Stars – “Blood and Silver is a fantastic book – well written with attention to detail and timeline, with great characters and an interesting plot. I recommend this amazing story a hundred percent!”

Linda Ulleseit, Award Winning Author of Historical Fiction: 5/5 Stars: “I enjoyed Blood and Silver very much, and I can see a young reader loving it…Overall, this is a compelling tale of a 12 year old’s drive to save her mother and her own future”.

Emma Megan for Emma’ 5/5 Stars – “Blood and Silver by Vali Benson is a unique heartbreaking story of survival filled with hope, danger, and drama. This book must be on everyone’s TBR list for this year. It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year…Blood and Silver is so beautifully written that I still want more of it. I hope Vali Benson doesn’t stop here”.

Darleen Wohlfeil for Story Monsters Inc. Magazine: “Has a little bit of everything – history, discovery, love, and hardship…Throughout this entertaining story, one thought prevailed. Sincerity and honest respect was a power that crossed all barriers. A young girl, open to change, desperate for help, unscripted in political correctness, was able to reach beyond the differences and create lasting bonds of love and respect that transformed lives. A lesson well worth learning!”

Rolanda Smith-Lyles for Great Minds Love to Read: “Let me tell you I LOVED THIS STORY! It’s set like a western around silver mining. The characters and language are appropriate and believable. Even though the story is fiction, it’s based on a lot of facts. Benson’s writing is engaging, exciting, vivid, and entertaining. I loved China Mary’s character. She made the story for me! Definitely a must read!”

2022 Readers’ Choice Book Awards: 5/5 Stars – “Blood and Silver by Vali Benson is a tense, gripping, historical drama…Based on real life events, places and characters, the book is an entertaining and educational read about a fascinating time in American history. With plenty of drama and suspense, this book was hard to put down.”